scam or not? scam or not? scam or not?

follow url As we all know that there are millions of online sites who offers job to us but do you think that all of them will be real and not a scam? The first question which comes is that what is a scam ? Scan is a term used for betrayal. There are many website which say a lot of things but turn out to be lie, or they ask for money to register before starting working and after taking money they disappear. This is known as scam. Everyday many people fall in a trap of such sites. Have you ever been trapped? If yes how did you come to know and what are suggestions? You are free to share with us.

Now the next question comes- is a scam or not?

source url says that they offers genuine work and no investment. The only thing which they want is 95% accuracy of work. Scam is a term used for cheat, trap and says that they have no policy of taking money from the client before they start working.

source They have a mail id and FQ section. On the mail id you can post your complaints, queries, doubts and FQ section have some most frequently asked questions where you can go and read before you start working.

see All the best. Work hard. Choose smarty.


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19 thoughts on “ scam or not?

  1. source url My account is desable
    Please my account is open today
    And enable my allworkjob account

    1. Nidhi

      source url Hi
      HV u working vid dis site is it real?? Or done payment at time??

    2. Meverlyn

      dating application form template Hi, have u read allworkjob fully? Because they will disabled your account anytime when u make a mistake.

    3. dating 6 years no engagement Pls .i really want to know if this ia a legit or fake ..can u send me proof of payment??

  2. rifa

    conocer chicas por medio de internet plz tell me about your payment method

  3. souper rencontre pour celibataire Dear sirbmy account is desable please my account is open today and enable my allworkjob

  4. Abhimanyu your account will open if open please comment yes

    1. Santanu

      Hi go through the faq you will get all your answers

  5. Yashif k

    Pls sent the payment proof

  6. osama

    i don’t know about this website
    but if you want to earn real money get some skills..and if you have them…
    guru etc……

    1. Is that sites are genuine??

  7. not a scam

    Thanku for your good job and finally sending me the payment. Thanku i will tell my friends also that this is genuine website.
    God bless u

    1. Mehaboob

      Plz bro tell me how much u got send Proof image

  8. Pavan

    My account was disabled today plz suggest how to enable it

  9. MAdhuri Chauhan

    I am sharing my experience with all of you who want to do work on Its a genuine company.As I have completed my 30 days copy paste work after that they have sent me mail that they will check my work and let me know within 5-10 days but its about 12 days to go and I got no mail from their end about payment. But after 25 days i am receiving an email from there that i am eligible for payment. I was shocked. Is this really happening.
    I thought that they are fake. But within 24 hour after that i receive my payment. Now i can say one thing clearly that they are late but not fake.

    1. hi. madhuri pls reply me as soon u read it. I also wanted to do work here but problem is how would I com e to know its real o fake pls send me some details of ur mails which u have eligible for payment. pls I request… from raksha


    Hi Pavan,
    You have mail them and ask to open it. Please let me know if they reply


    Guys I have done 4 jobs on the 1 St day by mistake after that I have stoped doing more than one job will they disable my account

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